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Lake Tisza Ökocentre

The planned Ökocentrum Lake Tisza project began in 2003. Meanwhile, Lake Tisza Water Walkway was built and run continuously in the immediate of the Ökocentre since 2006.

The Ökocentrum as a working unit is completely new in Hungary. The project aims to develop a unique in Hungary, but also in Europe, which are linked to tourism and nature conservation, and education, as well.

This is to ensure that the Tisza Lake and surrounding tourism role could increase and positive living environment opportunities for the population living here to be created as well as operating in businesses to create jobs through and create favourable conditions for our Lake Tisza as investor and as tourists who are interested, in conditions which does not damage the environment, protect our natural resources, protect and teach this young generation.

The central building of Ökocentre is the Visitor Centre, which is 2,600 m2, 4 levels offers its services to the visitors. The main attraction of the visitor centre is a total volume of 600 000 l freshwater aquarium, at the basement level of the building a typical aquatic and wetland communities of present life of our country and the region will be developed with more than 40 kinds of domestic fish, close to 15 species of reptiles and amphibians guarantees plenty of attractions. Educational, instructional, educational role of it is also excellent. Elementary and high school biology curriculum for a practical education may benefit from the show, but we can provide significant assistance to the students of higher educational institutions, as well.

The main building will give room for a 24-seat screening room with three dimensions.

A 3D educational films that technical solutions have innovative features produce an experience that viewers may feel that part of the events on the screen. For example, a storm on the river Tisza, schools of fish migrations.

Also, the main building includes a 100-seat conference hall, a scientific conference and events would provide modern conditions.

The building also features significant regional grant, so according to the design of the program, water police station will be here in Poroszló.

The tower of the building is suitable for tourism as well as storm system alert, too.