Tours for everyone

Stream Eger- Small Tisza Tour (3.000 HUF / boat)

35-minute tour boat (1 boat max. 8 people, 40 people = 5 boats)

Lake Tisza Water Walk and Nature Trail (2.500 HUF / boat)

1,5 km walk through a short boat ride and other rides are connected. Admission fees apart from the tour:

  • Full-price: 750 HUF / person
  • Reduced: 500 HUF / person (under the age of 6 is free)

Bird sanctuary tours (6.000 – 10.000 HUF / boat)

75-minute or 2-hour tour to the lagoons (1 boat with 8 people, 80 people = 10 boats)

4-hour morning and afternoon Photo safaris

Guided boat tours, occasionally to have a look 10-15 different types of birds. Price: 16.000 HUF / day

Memories of Óhalász, the flooded village (18.000 HUF/ boat)

4-hour tour to the Dead Tisza and the islands of Óhalászi. Lookout tower, ruins, lagoons.

Sunrise tour (18.000 HUF / boat)

4-hour morning program. Departure half an hour before the sunrise. Have the chance to take a photo of a Hungarian sweep well standing in the water, cormorans, spoonbills approach with an electric motor, water pumpkin fields, wild geese Tower, kingfishers, flying fish.

Regular boat service to the Lake Tisza bird sanctuary

Ticket prise: 2.000 HUF / person

April-May-June and September-October months, Saturday and Sunday in July and August every day starts: 10.00 and 16.00 o'clock. 2-hour tour of the National Park, there are many birds. T0he event starts with at least 5 people.

Trail & Bird Reserve (7.000 HUF / boat + entrance fees)

Approximately 3 hours of water-walking program. Various tour with many interesting things.

Great ornithological tours in protected areas in the north (18.000 HUF) until 15th June

4 hour tour, backwaters, spoonbills, great autumn bird migration.

Water throughout the day, hiking and biking (26 000 HUF / boat + entrance fees)

Poroszló-eddy by boat, walk through flood, to Sarud by boat, back to Poroszlo by bike.

Tisza Lake Tour (18,000 - and 22.000 HUF / boat)

4 or 5 hours trip with plenty of birds. Boating in the forests, kingfishers, beaver colony, lily-field, long-distance walking tour of the island.

Sunset tour (6.000, - and 10.000 HUF / boat)

Evening tour, 75-minute or 2-hour bird sanctuary tour. 1 boat up to 8 people!

Electric pleasure boat rides

Half-hour boat ride (4.000 HUF / boat)

Travelling on the Eger stream-Botos-cub-Small Tisza route, and the touch of Nagykubik get back to port.

Going round Alsórét (8.000 HUF / boat)

1-hour tour, where we have a look at the remains of an old orchard of Csapó and the small bridge ruins of Alsórét between the small lagoon to Nagykubik, and return to the port.

1.5-hour tour Bird Sanctuary (12.000 HUF / boat)

After the adventurous trip, we get to the sanctuary, where we moor, and have a paorama look from the Fattyúszerkő tower, and then return to the port.

2 hour tours Bird Sanctuary (16.000 HUF / boat)

After viewing the sanctuary go down to the bend of Salt House, and come back to the port.

Evening boat cruise with lamps (8.000 HUF / boat)

1-hour intimate sailing in the night, after sunset.

Class trip offers

Trail Creek Reservation + Stream Eger + Small Tisza tour

We get to Vízisétányra with 8 people in small boats where some time can be spent. Then we go for a short, pleasant boat trip. There are many interesting things to see here, and the passing of the old orchard with the touch of Nagykubik to the port. The program is about. 1.5 to 2 hours. Price: 750 HUF / person

MBird sanctuary tour

On an about 75-minute tour, we go through a small boat tour of the National Park, and after crossing the pool of Poroszló we sail through the Tüskevár atmosphere with bulrush reeds and lagoons. Watching a lot of birds, a memorable experience! Price: 750 HUF / person

Bird Reserve Nature Trail

The two programs are linked by a 1.5-hour boating and walking 1.5 hours! The two tours are said to be useful together to meet environmental studies. Price: 1.300 HUF / person

The little fowler of the Lake Tisza

Recognition games can be required to any tours. It is recommended per group, per ship to claim, and in this case is limited to 300 HUF per person, and so everyone gets the bird book and a Certificate in it.

White water canoeing

Hódos round trip takes about 4 hours of hiking (2.000 HUF / person)

During the tour many of our curiosity can be taken, and anyone can take you to areas that are not accessible in any other way. These hidden backwaters are completely excluded from the boats, the canoe is the only way to get there to pull your vehicle into a lake. Beautiful water lilies and fairy veil fields, lookout, a lot of birds, Forest Rowing.

Through Ördögárkon to have an 8-hour tour (3.000 HUF / person)

During this tour hidden backwaters of the beautiful Óhalász can be discovered. Through a lot of interest, it is guaranteed to have a memorable experience.

Eagle-tour in the north of the protected area (from 15 June) is also approx. 8 hours of rowing, (3.000 HUF / person)

After the closed lakes we head north and visit the specially protected area of ​​Lake Tisza spoonbills and cormorans. Each tour can face the traces of beavers, birds and nesting place of the ice. At least 6 people to enter.

Lake Tisza Ökocentre

The planned Ökocentrum Lake Tisza project began in 2003. Meanwhile, Lake Tisza Water Walkway was built and run continuously in the immediate of the Ökocentre since 2006.

The Ökocentrum as a working unit is completely new in Hungary. The project aims to develop a unique in Hungary, but also in Europe, which are linked to tourism and nature conservation, and education, as well.

This is to ensure that the Tisza Lake and surrounding tourism role could increase and positive living environment opportunities for the population living here to be created as well as operating in businesses to create jobs through and create favourable conditions for our Lake Tisza as investor and as tourists who are interested, in conditions which does not damage the environment, protect our natural resources, protect and teach this young generation.

The central building of Ökocentre is the Visitor Centre, which is 2,600 m2, 4 levels offers its services to the visitors. The main attraction of the visitor centre is a total volume of 600 000 l freshwater aquarium, at the basement level of the building a typical aquatic and wetland communities of present life of our country and the region will be developed with more than 40 kinds of domestic fish, close to 15 species of reptiles and amphibians guarantees plenty of attractions. Educational, instructional, educational role of it is also excellent. Elementary and high school biology curriculum for a practical education may benefit from the show, but we can provide significant assistance to the students of higher educational institutions, as well.

The main building will give room for a 24-seat screening room with three dimensions.

A 3D educational films that technical solutions have innovative features produce an experience that viewers may feel that part of the events on the screen. For example, a storm on the river Tisza, schools of fish migrations.

Also, the main building includes a 100-seat conference hall, a scientific conference and events would provide modern conditions.

The building also features significant regional grant, so according to the design of the program, water police station will be here in Poroszló.

The tower of the building is suitable for tourism as well as storm system alert, too.